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7 Hottest Travel & Expense Automation Trends

T&E Expenditures are Still on the Rise. You Can Get them Under Control.

Even though technology is reducing business travel, T&E expenditures are on the rise. More than ever, expense management automation is critical for organizations looking to improve operational efficiency, rein in costs and improve employee satisfaction. But where is T&E automation headed?

PayStream Advisors reports on the hottest trends in T&E automation and the effect they can have on your expense management workflow:

  • Benefits of an uncomplicated and intuitive user interface
  • Seamless integration of an automated solution with all online booking tools
  • Reduction of the reimbursement cycle using receipt images from mobile devices
  • Ability for managers to approve or reject expense reports while on the go
  • Easy tracking of spend and ability to drill-down into expense details to control costs and make important business decisions

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7 Hottest T&E Automation Trends