Expense Automation Can Protect Your Firm against Fraud while delivering a significant ROI

Many law firms around the world have an impeccable tradition of serving their clients.  But they also have a tradition of manual, paper-based expense and billing practices.  Not only does this manual practice mean slower processes, but it also introduces the opportunity for fraud.

Even with many cases of expense fraud in the news, firms are leery of expense automation, often afraid of the cost of change.  But ROI studies from various analyst firms all point to tremendous savings, not only in terms of efficiencies and cost avoidance, but also in policy compliance.

This whitepaper examines four keys areas that expense automation improves:

  • Compliance with travel and expense policies
  • Spend visibility and using this data to negotiate with vendors
  • Compliance with client billing agreements
  • Operational efficiencies, including productivity gains and paperless workflows

Download the paperusing the form to the right and see how the findings match up with your organization. And when you're ready to learn more, we're here to help.

About Us

Chrome River Technologies, Inc. provides expense reporting and supplier invoice automation solutions that combine the latest enterprise and mobile technologies with a team of industry-leading implementation and support experts.  Chrome River delivers immediate payback via a “Software as a Service” delivery model that requires no hardware, no software, and no long-term commitment. This unique service is easily configurable to meet the needs of organizations worldwide with complex expense management policies and collaborative approval processes. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our solutions to your team!

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Our firm saved over 1 million dollars in travel expenditures [last year] as a result of implementing the Chrome River Expense Pre-Approval process. Manager of Accounting Operations 2,000 Employees
It is taking us just one quarter of the time to manage the expense process as it used to. Accounting Expense Manager 500 Professionals
Chrome River takes all the guess work out, forces the user to be crystal clear on where they put their money and allows us to effortlessly reimburse them. Director of Finance 900 Employees