Invoice and Payments Automation:
More Efficiencies for your AP organization

Do you still receive the majority of your invoices in paper form?  Well, you're not alone - so many organizations still do.  If your organization looking for a modern, easy-to-use, refreshing alternative to this paper overload, this webinar is for you! 

This Proformative webinar explores how to tie purchase order matching to invoice approval to electronic payments.  It's a logical workflow that is so often a manual, frustrating process because there is no visibility into other offices, locations, or departments.

Watch this recorded webinar to hear what CFOs have to say on the subject and methodologies on how to create an optimized invoice workflow to reduce cost, increase control, and mitigate risk around the supplier payments process.

The end result is an automated process: the proper handling of all vendor and supplier POs and invoices while giving AP visibility into unposted invoices to ensure proper approval, correct allocation, timely payment and spend management reporting.

And after the webinar, the only thing you'll say is Take me to The River!


About Us

Chrome River Technologies, Inc. lets business flow for some of the world’s largest and most respected global organizations. Our highly-configurable cloud-based expense reporting and supplier invoice automation solutions deliver an elegant and intuitive user interface, which offer the same high quality experience on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our SaaS products provide a world-class business rules engine and technology infrastructure, combined with a completely agile solution that supports today's changing business climate, and that the CFO, AP manager and business travelers will all love.

Chrome River is trusted by more than 1 million users at almost 500 organizations worldwide.

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Our firm saved over 1 million dollars in travel expenditures [last year] as a result of implementing the Chrome River Expense Pre-Approval process. Manager of Accounting Operations 2,000 Employees
It is taking us just one quarter of the time to manage the expense process as it used to. Accounting Expense Manager 500 Professionals
Chrome River takes all the guess work out, forces the user to be crystal clear on where they put their money and allows us to effortlessly reimburse them. Director of Finance 900 Employees