Agencies need unique workflow rules for split allocations for multiple client billing

Advertising angencies are under pressure to keep fees low, but still deliver unique and differentiated projects.

Keeping fees low means controlling costs and having visibility to non-payroll spend.  That's where travel and expense management solutions make sense.  There is unique technology available, specifically for advertising agencies, to help rein in costs, teach colleagues proper travel and expense policies, even make doing expense reports fun.

Advertising agencies need TEM technology to help them with:

  • unique client billing rules
  • split allocations across multiple projects...even multiple clients
  • integrating corporate cards, travel management companies, and online booking tools to make expense reports easier for employees

Chrome River makes it easy to minimize expenses, assure compliance with travel policies, and reduce the time and cost of handling expense reports all while providing a first-class user experience. Your employees won't even realize you're squeezing expenses - they'll just think Chrome River is fun and easy to use - and so much more efficient than photocopying receipts and printing out spreadsheets.

Download the report using the form to the right and see if the findings match up with your organization.  And when you're ready to learn more, we're here to help.

About Us

Chrome River Technologies, Inc. provides expense reporting and supplier invoice automation solutions that combine the latest enterprise and mobile technologies with a team of industry-leading implementation and support experts.  Chrome River delivers immediate payback via a “Software as a Service” delivery model that requires no hardware, no software, and no long-term commitment. This unique service is easily configurable to meet the needs of organizations worldwide with complex expense management policies and collaborative approval processes. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our solutions to your team!

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Our firm saved over 1 million dollars in travel expenditures [last year] as a result of implementing the Chrome River Expense Pre-Approval process. Manager of Accounting Operations 2,000 Employees
It is taking us just one quarter of the time to manage the expense process as it used to. Accounting Expense Manager 500 Professionals
Chrome River takes all the guess work out, forces the user to be crystal clear on where they put their money and allows us to effortlessly reimburse them. Director of Finance 900 Employees