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Please complete the following information to register your lead referral. Once reviewed, Chrome River will then communicate back to you with a status.  The referral may be accepted or possibly rejected if the organization already is a subscribing customer of Chrome River's services, a currently active prospect, or a referred organization already submitted by another member.

We will show the utmost respect to your referred individual/organization and keep you updated during all stages of the process.  And we hope the only thing your prospect has to say at the end of the demonstration is - Take me to The River!

Lead Referral Details


  1. All referral reward fees listed are in U.S. Dollars.
  2. For a referred organization to be eligible for a Lead/Demo Referral reward, the demo meeting must include an organization’s financial executive, decision maker or key person of influence within the organization.
  3. Lead/Demo Referral fees are paid within 30 days of Chrome River completing the initial lead/demo meeting with the referred organization's qualified contact(s).
  4. For a referred organization to be eligible for a Signed Customer Referral reward, the referred organization must sign a Chrome River Subscription Agreement within one year of the initial referral date.
  5. Signed Customer Referral fees are paid within 30 days of the referred organization's signing of the Chrome River Subscription Agreement.
  6. Terms subject to change.