The Anthem Case Study: how to engage tens of thousands of employees with your travel and expense goals.

The ubiquity of mobile devices coupled with an array of digital travel booking services have changed the game for business travel. More and more, business trip-goers are enticed to use flight and hotel booking sites rather than their company’s preferred platforms.

They can hardly be blamed though. Oftentimes the systems they are asked to use are woefully obsolete. They don’t sync with their expense reporting platforms. Or, their corporate booking and expense systems don’t offer the flexibility of mobile access, making their travel experiences far less fluid than most of their other daily consumer interactions.

Health insurance provider Anthem recognized the need to provide a modern, integrated travel and expense solution for its thousands of employees.

By giving them a mobile-centric option that lets them book trips, lodging, car rental, and even ride-sharing from Uber that seamlessly updates their expenses, the firm is getting big benefits:

  • A great user experience resulting in adoption of the company’s preferred travel booking and expense platform;
  • Transparency: reporting data showing event and meeting expenses as they happen, not after they’ve gone over budget;
  • Easier compliance with corporate travel and expense policies;
  • Insights: a clear view of airlines, hotels and car rental brands preferred by employees giving a sharper picture of potential corporate travel partners;
  • Smarter negotiations: Armed with reporting data, travel managers are fostering better deals with airlines, hotel groups or auto rental partners.

In short, working with partners Sabre and Chrome River, Anthem is giving traveling staff and their management several reasons to choose the company’s preferred booking and expense platform.

Download the case study using the form to the right and see where you stand. Does this approach make sense for your company? And when you're ready to learn more, we're here to help. After all, Chrome River lets business flow.

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Our firm saved over 1 million dollars in travel expenditures [last year] as a result of implementing the Chrome River Expense Pre-Approval process. Manager of Accounting Operations 2,000 Employees
It is taking us just one quarter of the time to manage the expense process as it used to. Accounting Expense Manager 500 Professionals
Chrome River takes all the guess work out, forces the user to be crystal clear on where they put their money and allows us to effortlessly reimburse them. Director of Finance 900 Employees