How Long Does It Take to Submit Your Expenses?

Do your employees have to set aside an hour or two every week to complete an expense report? Or do infrequent business travelers  struggle to reacquaint themselves with the interface before they can begin? The average Chrome River expense report takes just 8 minutes to complete.

What makes Chrome River so different? It's because we constantly add user-friendly functionality that saves time, reduces clicks/taps, and limits labor-intensive data entry.

Watch this episode of Splash to see three new features in action: our in-app tutorials for end-user training; memorized expenses for frequently-used line items; and multi-day expenses to submit recurring costs like conference fees, parking, wifi, etc.

  1. Our in-app tutorial system, Navigator. Just as the name implies, Navigator helps new employees and infrequent expense report submitters walk through setting up a new expense report and uploading receipts. Just think of the happy end-users who can follow along with the animations and help themselves. No training, no headaches, just smooth sailing.
  2. Memorized expenses. Do you have business travelers who follow the same route every week or every month? The Delta shuttle between Boston and New York every Monday? Lunch with the same customer every Wednesday? Bagels for the team every Friday? With Memorized expenses, your end users can enter the line item once, ask the system to memorize it, and then have it saved to use over and over again. No more re-typing - just one click.
  3. Multi-Day expenses. Does your office manager host customers or meetings at your Innovation Center every week? What about employees attending conferences or shows? Any time an expense is repeated over several days, take advantage of the calendar interface to repeat the line item quickly and efficiently.

Save your end users time and frustration working on their expense reports, resulting in increased productivity and improved morale. These innovative features are just another way Chrome River lets business flow.

About Us

Chrome River provides expense and invoice automation solutions that let business flow for more than 1,000 organizations worldwide. The company’s easy-to-use, enterprise-scale solutions enable future-readiness for its customers. As a result of this focus on innovation, Chrome River is rated as a Leader in expense management by analyst firm IDC. Chrome River’s commitment to delivering a superior customer journey by creating long-term value for its customers, makes it a preferred choice of CFOs, CIOs, AP teams, travel managers and business travelers. Details on Chrome River’s customers can be found on the company’s web site.

More than 2 million business travelers around the world trust Chrome River. To learn more, contact Chrome River at 888-781-0088, or visit and its social pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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