Understand the Benefits
of Invoice Automation
in your Organization

Many organizations, and perhaps yours is one of them, continue to rely on manual Accounts Payable invoice processes, where the majority of invoices arrive in a paper format or via email.  The data then needs to be manually entered in the financial ERP system.  Not only is this time-consuming and error-prone, but it blocks any visibility to your company's cash flow.

The Holy Grail, however, is an advanced Invoice Workflow Automation system that combines front-end processing with PO matching and workflows to streamline invoice receipt and approval.  After all, you want a hands-free process that sends an invoice through approval to payment, the complete Procure to Pay cycle.

This benchmark report recommends four key features to insist upon:

  • Invoice receipt and capture
  • Front-end capture with PO matching and approval workflows
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with your AP and ERP systems

Chrome River delivers an invoice and purchase order management solution that fits the needs and requirements of your company perfectly.  After you've had a chance to read through this whitepaper, please schedule a demo so you can see our completely automated system for electronic and even paper-based invoices. 

About Us

Chrome River Technologies, Inc. lets business flow for some of the world’s largest and most respected global organizations. Our highly-configurable cloud-based expense reporting and supplier invoice automation solutions deliver an elegant and intuitive user interface, which offer the same high quality experience on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our SaaS products provide a world-class business rules engine and technology infrastructure, combined with a completely agile solution that supports today's changing business climate, and that the CFO, AP and travel managers, and business travelers will all love.

To find out why Chrome River is trusted by more than 1 million users at almost 600 organizations worldwide, contact us at +1 888 781 0088 or visit us at www.chromeriver.com, or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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