Receive, Route, and Approve Invoices with a Fully Mobile-Enabled Solution

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The accounts payable team has long been overlooked as far as high-quality productivity solutions go. Until now they have relied either on paper-intensive manual processes or complex and unintuitive software tools. But with Chrome River INVOICE, AP administrators now have access to the same caliber of solutions as their colleagues elsewhere in the enterprise. 

With Chrome River INVOICE your team can:

  • Easily locate and share invoices across multiple office locations with a centralized invoice database
  • Keep business moving while on-the-go with an elegant mobile-enabled interface
  • Stay abreast of the status of invoices and minimize fraud with systematic alerts and notifications of changes to an invoice
  • Improve compliance with configurable business rules for routing and compliance checks
  • Optimize approval turnaround times with configurable approval workflows
  • Enable seamless integration with any ERP thanks to a flexible, reliable infrastructure
  • Increase adoption with intuitive, streamlined interface
  • Strengthen relationships with suppliers with invoice status notifications that provide transparency and faster reimbursements due to automation.

How does it work? See for yourself! Use the form to the right to request a demonstration for your finance leaders.

We'll show you how Chrome River INVOICE helps you:

  • Obtain full visibility into your financials enabling AP teams to make better spend decisions
  • Improve agility with automated invoice management that gets rid of manual, paper-based processes
  • Increase profitability by taking advantage of early payment discounts and reduced invoice processing costs
  • Gain control and eliminate bad spend with automated invoice processing
  • Ensure compliance and minimize risk
  • Improved productivity that enables AP teams to focus on strategic initiatives instead of invoice processing

Bring AP Automation to your finance team. No more paper, no more double payments, no more missed payments.

Chrome River lets business flow.

Chrome River has streamlined our process for expense reimbursements and accounts payable invoices considerably. Automated routing ensures that all approvals are obtained before employees and vendors are paid. The Chrome River team is constantly making improvements and the overall experience becomes friendlier on a regular basis.
Karen KeeganAssistant Controller, 
Nixon Peabody LLP

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