PayStream Report: Pitching ROI for Accounts Payable

Is your organization considering automating your Accounts Payable workflows, but unsure of how to go about presenting potential ROI data?

This analyst report from PayStream Advisors outlines where to expense time and cost savings, as well as how to quantify the assumptions for your organization.

This report outlines: 

  • Savings in the mailroom from digitizing paper invoices;  
  • Savings from AP clerks searching for purchase orders, invoice approvals, and answering vendor questions about payments; 
  • Savings from realizing early payment discounts;
  • Deploying AP staff on more strategic initiatives.

The report also outlines key areas of functionality:

  1. how software can help input invoices electronically into a workflow, including einvoicing; 
  2. linking purchase orders to invoices and other receiving documents
  3. approval routing between different departments and cost centers
  4. payment and reconciliation
  5. reporting and analytics

Using this report, it's easy to identify the ROI and present the findings to executives and decision-makers.

Download the report using the form to the right and see if the findings match up with your organization.  And when you're ready to learn more, we're here to help.

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Our firm saved over 1 million dollars in travel expenditures [last year] as a result of implementing the Chrome River Expense Pre-Approval process. Manager of Accounting Operations 2,000 Employees
It is taking us just one quarter of the time to manage the expense process as it used to. Accounting Expense Manager 500 Professionals
Chrome River takes all the guess work out, forces the user to be crystal clear on where they put their money and allows us to effortlessly reimburse them. Director of Finance 900 Employees