For non-profit organizations, monitoring costs and reducing waste are paramount, particularly when it comes to expenses for traveling employees and volunteers. There are also less obvious ways to mismanage resources – excessive time and labor spent on finance and accounting processes can undermine your core mission just like fraud or uncontrolled spending. How do well-run organizations manage policies and workflows related to travel, hospitality and out-of-pocket expenses in a way that helps them to be successful?


The most effective expense management strategies improve visibility, simplify reimbursement and reconciliation, and allow your employees to focus on the job at hand. They make it easy to track and allocate spend across project codes, grants, and budgets. Modern automation and clear, well-developed policies increase compliance as well as control, while guiding employees toward decisions that are good for the bottom line. Properly implemented, they allow travelers and finance team members to be more productive by streamlining expense submission and approval.


At Chrome River we have worked with scores of non-profits around the world to put into effect travel and expense management programs tailored to their specific needs. This whitepaper covers the best practices a variety of organizations have used, from community-oriented groups to major, international associations, to address their common challenges. Use it to write your first T&E policy or to refine your organization's current processes.

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