Dress Code 101: Dressing Right on Your Business Trip

by Ted Stavropoulos


Just because business travel takes you out of your usual environment doesn’t mean you can ignore appropriate business attire. You still need to look crisp, clean and professional, which you can do with a careful selection of must-have items. Add a few casual options to the mix, and you’ll be ready for action in the boardroom or out on the town. 

Chrome River + Traxo = Even Easier Hotel Expenses

by Alan Rich


As you may have seen from today’s press release, we’ve just announced an exciting new relationship with Traxo for hotel receipt integration. This will give Chrome River EXPENSE users an even better (and easier) experience when preparing their expense reports, and we’re sure it will be very well received by anyone who’s ever had to manually import or allocate hotel receipt data into their expense report.

Expense Management, Expense Reports, Business Travel

Cost-effective Perks to Minimize (and Maximize!) Business Travelers’ Airport Time

by Tim Wheatcroft


We recently talked about how to keep your business travelers happy while maintaining cost control and avoiding expenses spiraling out of control. One of the biggest challenges many companies face is that those who travel the most are more likely to have specific preferences (hotel chains, airlines, etc.) that may not tally with your organization’s negotiated rates. While this can lead to friction, there are several ways that can both make your road warriors happier and more productive, and also keep the CFO smiling.

For Travel Managers, Business Travel

One-Stop-Shop vs. Best-of-Breed: What's Best for Travel and Expense?

by Frank Davis


One of the most common discussions in business software procurement has been that of one-stop-shop versus best-of-breed. Choose a single vendor for all aspects of a particular function, they say, and your organization will see wide-ranging benefits, from lower costs, to smoother integration, more straightforward support resolution, and so on.

For CFOs, For Travel Managers

Etiquette Tips for Your Business Trip

by Stephen White


While leisure travel can be an ideal time to kick back and let down your guard, your guard had better not be going anywhere during a business trip. As a business traveler, you represent your company during every stage of the journey. Everything you say or do can impact your company’s reputation and your eventual success. You can ensure both the company reputation and your success remain strong by following a few straightforward business trip etiquette tips.

Business Travel

How to Plug Your Travel Policy into the Online World

by Serge Merkin


While today’s travel managers may have the power to establish a list of preferred airlines and hotels to create the perfect travel policy, compliance may be less than perfect due to forces outside their control. Online and mobile platforms are consistently disrupting compliance efforts by allowing employees to book alternative accommodations outside the preferred partnerships with a swift click of a button. 

Business Travel

How Can You Maximize Expense Policy Compliance and Maintain Traveler Happiness?

by Tim Wheatcroft


Corporate travel and expense policy compliance is a constant theme in the business travel industry. Although using the corporate expense policy manual as a stick to beat your travelers may be a short-term solution to enforce compliance, it doesn’t address the underlying issues of why employees don’t adhere to the policy, and could also alienate travelers by imposing regulations that reduce productivity and create frustration.

For Travel Managers, Expense Policy

Take me to The River

by Julie Roy


Today, we are excited to unveil a new corporate brand at Chrome River, one that reinforces our commitment to the long term success of our customers, our continuing global growth, and our firm belief that user experience is paramount.

Expense Reports

Forget Airline Hassles: Corporate Jets Poised to Soar in Biz Travel Arena

by Robin Hanselman


Private jets are no longer just for the rich and famous; they are now set to take off in the corporate travel arena. Private jet companies are expanding their offerings to include a wider range of service, booking and corporate agreement options. BusinessTravelNews highlighted four U.S. booking engines, along with the progress they’re making in the way of business travel. 

Business Travel


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