Why Sensible Travel Expense Policies are Critical for Business Traveler Happiness

by Tim Wheatcroft


The Global Business Travel Association recently announced the results of its Business Traveler Sentiment Index Global Report. The report assesses the overall happiness with several aspects of travelers’ overall experience, from making travel arrangements through to getting through airport security and taking various forms of ground and air transport.

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One-Stop-Shop vs. Best-of-Breed: What's Best for Travel and Expense?

by Frank Davis


One of the most common discussions in business software procurement has been that of one-stop-shop versus best-of-breed. Choose a single vendor for all aspects of a particular function, they say, and your organization will see wide-ranging benefits, from lower costs, to smoother integration, more straightforward support resolution, and so on.

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5 Benefits of Corporate Card Programs

by Robin Hanselman


Ah, here we are, the ever-popular debate on the pros vs the cons of corporate card programs! Why should businesses allow employees to have corporate cards? Some feel that they have the potential to increase the organization’s financial exposure, risk employees racking up large bills, and are potentially tricky for finance teams to both implement and manage on an ongoing basis. Done right, however, corporate credit and payment cards can offer wide-ranging financial, operational and security benefits. 

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Expense best practices to delight your employees AND your CFO

by Alan Rich


Anyone who has looked at some of the perks that companies offer will understand that any forward-thinking organization places a premium on attracting and retaining the best talent. When you factor that it costs an average of 6-9 months’ salary to replace an employee, spending a little extra to keep your team happy is a sound investment. The hard cost of employee turnover is, of course, just one issue here. Companies’ ability to thrive is reliant upon attracting and retaining the best talent. Being unable to keep and hire staff can have a seriously detrimental impact on an organization’s overall health.

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5 Top Reasons Big Data Projects Crash and Burn

by Karen DeLucia


Big data continues to be a big deal, but the results are often a big disaster. In fact, Forbes contributor Bernard Marr predicts that a full 50 percent of all big data projects are destined to fall substantially short of expectations. He says the underlying cause is always lack of proper planning, and it rears its ugly head in five different ways. 

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Telepresencing - Is Business Travel Going Virtual?

by Carrie Hayward


Meeting with business partners and colleagues across the globe is vital for business. But how you go about it is rapidly changing. Innovation management researcher Paul Levy predicts physical business travel may be on its way out, replaced by virtual business travel that lets you meet, greet and collaborate without the need to leave your office. 

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3 IT Certainties for CFOs in 2015

by Kassandra McDougald


Whether you’re a CFO or CEO, IT is likely a foundation of your business. And whether it’s for order management or expense management infrastructure or software, you’ll need a continued focus on IT in 2015. Here are 3 certainties in the IT landscape that you will need to address with your IT department.

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What Did Marilyn Monroe Wear When Traveling With Her Boss?

by Karen DeLucia


Not the same thing you would wear when traveling with your boss—that’s for sure! So, is there actually such a thing as etiquette when traveling with your boss— and guidelines on what to wear? Indeed! One man taking his first ever business trip found out the hard way. Here are some tips to follow that will keep you in the comfort zone and make you shine like the professional that you are when traveling with the Big Kahuna!

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What Do Victoria’s Secret, Big Data and Predictive Analytics Have in Common

by Anne Becknell


2014 was the year that talk of Big Data seemed to be everywhere.  From office water coolers to dinner parties, conversation included talk of data, predictive analytics, and the cloud.

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Is there a Large Enterprise Exodus to the Cloud?

by Dan Humbert


A new report this week indicates that over half (53%) of large enterprises are either already moving Big Data within their organization to the public cloud or are considering a move to the cloud for analytical processing. Further, only 13% of enterprises say they would only use private data centers for processing all analytics. Clearly, there is a concerted push to the shared public cloud.

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