Business SuitcasePacking a leisure suitcase is easy, or at least a lot easier than packing for a business trip. Not only do you have to carefully choose the right corporate, casual and in-between wear to take, but you have to do your best to ensure the clothes don’t arrive wrinkled, rumpled or otherwise appearing as if they were just fished out of a hamper. 

Four nifty strategies can help you master the art of business travel packing. 

Strategy 1: The Roll-Up and Squeeze

As the name suggests, this technique involves rolling up and then squeezing your clothing into tightly coiled little bundles that pack densely into your suitcase or carry-on. Transforming the business slacks, skirts or jackets into handy little rolls ensures you maximize space. It also helps deter wrinkles. 

  1. Fold the clothing item in half
  2. Roll it up tightly
  3. Squeeze it gently into your suitcase among the collection of other rolled-up clothes
  4. Place the heavier items at the bottom (remember which side the bottom is when packing) to prevent the suitcase from toppling 

Strategy 2: The Layer Game 

Some business attire may not be cut out for the roll-up and squeeze. Items that generally require hangers or excessive ironing often do better playing the layer game. 

The game involves placing tissue or thin, dry-cleaner plastic between items to prevent wrinkles, layering the items on top of each other until the suitcase is full. Leave items on the hangers for a swift and easy unpacking experience once you get to the hotel. 

  1. Lay down your first item at the bottom of the suitcase
  2. Top it with a piece of tissue or plastic
  3. Lay down your next item, more tissue, and repeat
  4. Tuck belts, shoes and other accessories into the corners of the case 

Strategy 3: The Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes are small, zippered pouches that are usually sold in sets containing various sizes. The space-saving cubes are ideal for underwear, socks, accessories and other smaller items that can be packed neatly together and then quickly transferred into a dresser drawer. 

Strategy 4: The Shoes 

A few tips for packing shoes start with the warning not to bring too many pairs, as we mentioned in an earlier blog. Three pairs of shoes should be the maximum, with one pair on your feet and two in your suitcase. 

  1. Pack shoe soles facing away from your clothing items
  2. Place soles laid flat around the bottom, corners or sides of your case to conserve space
  3. Use the insides of shoes for storing rolled-up socks or other small items 

Packing for a business trip may still not be all that fun, but at least it will be easier, more efficient and less wrinkle-prone once you perfect your packing with these clever tips.

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