9 Signs it’s Time to Switch Expense Management Systems

by Tim Wheatcroft


It’s not too long ago that the panacea to everyone’s expense problems was “get expense management automation software.” Anything was a quantum leap from having to staple or tape your receipts to a spreadsheet, then hand it into your accounting team, and then wait a pay cycle (or two) for them to be reviewed, and then go up the approval chain, and then finally to the payroll team who would often cut you a paper check... that you often had to take to the bank or ATM to deposit. 

Expense Management, For Travel Managers

Welcoming MERCURY

by Alan Rich


Those of you with a keen knowledge of Roman mythology will know Mercury was the god of financial gain, and travelers (among other things). This is really quite fitting given that today we unveil Chrome River MERCURY, which delivers a completely new experience in corporate expense management, making your travel smoother, and speeding up your expense processing.

Expense Management, Chrome River

Top Trends and Concerns of P2P Professionals

by Serge Merkin


As organizations continue to implement technology designed to streamline their Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) processes, a number of trends and concerns keep surfacing. Both were discussed in a recent webinar hosted by PayStream’s Henry Ijams and featuring Greg Horton of OpenText. 

Expense Management, Expense Analytics and Reporting

Must-Knows About the High Price of Travel Expense Reimbursement

by Robin Hanselman


Your corporate travelers are the face of your company, representing you far and wide. But when you fail to reimburse them in a timely, fair and efficient manner, you could be paying a high price indeed. 

Expense Management, Expense Reports

Do You Know Where Your Business Travel Dollars Go?

by Nick Ludlow


When it comes to travel expenses, the big consideration is not necessarily about spending more or less – it’s about spending differently. But changing spending habits to ensure companies are efficiently meeting their goals may be easier said than done, according to a CFO Research and SAP study. The study collected info from 173 finance executives at midsize and large firms across Europe and North America.

Expense Management, Business Travel

Mastering the Expense Management Balancing Act

by Jim Prouty


Travel and expense management has largely become a balancing act, with CFOs walking a precarious tightrope between employee satisfaction and controlling the budget. Companies are pushing for higher efficiencies while business travelers are prompted to pay acute attention to costs, without sacrificing compliance and beneficial company outcomes. 

Expense Management

GBTA Frankfurt 2015: Technology Explosion Can Mean ‘Trial and Error’

by Jeremy Soto


With more than 65,000 travel apps and 32,000 finance apps available through major online app shops, there is no doubt technology is exploding in the finance and travel industries. There is also no doubt that use of new technologies will inevitably lead to a bit of trial and error. To truly land on technology that works, companies may need to experience a few duds until they land on a keeper. 

Expense Management

Must-have Travel and Expense Management Features

by Jeff Wesselman


One of the easiest ways to boost efficiency and compliance for traveling employees is with travel and expense management software. But all travel and expense management software is not created equal, nor are every company’s needs exactly the same. 

Expense Management

Don't Miss our VANTAGE 2015 AP Automation Speaking Session!

by Connie Moser


Chrome River is excited to attend VANTAGE 2015 again this year. We have several opportunities to get together with you. Many of you already use Chrome River EXPENSE. We invite you to join our "APAutomation" speaking session on Thursday, June 18 from 2:15 - 3:15 to learn more about Chrome River INVOICE. Also, stop by booth #13 in the Exhibit Hall to say hi! 

Expense Management, Accounts Payable, Invoice Management

Risky Stuff on Business Trips

by Jim Whitmore


Your employees may be taking care of all kinds of business while they’re away on company trips, and some of it may be pretty unsavory. These revelations came from a survey from On Call International that reviewed risky behaviors of corporate travelers. Two of the most common behaviors were binge drinking and picking up strangers in bars, activities indulged in by 27 percent and 11 percent of business travelers, respectively. 

Expense Management


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