CFOs Should Hire Givers Not Takers

by Craig Weiner


It’s natural for most of us to want to do things better. We want to be better managers, better co-workers, better employees and, in general, better people. Unfortunately, it’s also just as easy for us to get lost in the hassle of daily life and simply waste time. As any executive knows - time is money. The less your department or team procrastinates, the more productive your organization will be and the more it will benefit. Whether it’s making sure each employee enters data accurately into your expense management software or delivers the weekly report your client needs - here are some surefire ways to curb procrastination and increase efficiency. 

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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device For Expense Management

by Stephen White


A recent survey of 173 corporate travel and expense managers found that they receive more and more bookings via mobile devices. Clearly, business travelers are becoming more comfortable with booking flights and hotels using their mobile devices. To that end, travel and expense management systems from top providers are becoming more vital components in corporate travel managers' toolboxes.

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What’s the Buzz for Corporate Travel and Expense Managers?

by Scott Brinkerhoff


In July, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), a trade organization for corporate travel and expense managers, held its annual meeting in Los Angeles, California.  Topics that generated the most buzz at the meeting were the huge increase in corporate travel globally and the risks of managing corporate travelers across disparate global destinations.

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5 Easy Steps To Take Your Office Nearly Paperless

by Jim Whitmore


In our current digital age, you might think going paperless is all the rage. However, paper still seems to be cluttering a good number of workspaces. Regardless of where your company is on the paperless continuum, going paperless can make your office more efficient, isn’t that difficult, and does not cost absurd amounts of money. It can also offer your business good PR and good ROI. Here are five tips to help get you thinking and acting in a paperless mindset.

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Big Data Visualization - Are You Visualizing Enough?

by Anne Becknell


Is visualization the key to proper use of big data? Bar charts, treemaps, scatter plots – these are all visualization tools that put data into perspective, but do they drive the point home for those looking to extract meaningful information? The answer is to create a multidimensional view of the data that is more intuitive. This approach is Interactive Visualization.

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Why Your Water Bottles Should be BPA-Free but Your Business Should Not

by Ted Stavropoulos


OK – we understand that we don’t want the chemical known as BPA in our water bottles. But when it comes to the BPA that stands for ‘business process automation’ – well that’s a good thing.  A recent survey from CompTIA revealed that more and more businesses are using workflow automation to boost efficiency and overhaul existing business processes. Technologies like direct deposit are streamlining activities, and helping businesses get more done faster, growing their scope and market share. The industry of business process management (BPM) and business process automation (BPA) is projected to grow to $7.6 billion in 2016, up from $4.4 billion in 2012. 

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