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Chrome River is a huge time savings for us and it's enabled us to refrain from hiring new people as we grow. Analytics reports are very helpful and we are identifying ways we can save money and where we might have been entitled to credits on corporate credit cards. 

AP Manager, 2000 Professionals

Our expense manager is thrilled with the [expense reporting] capabilities of the [Chrome River] analytics reports. 

Accounts Payable Manager 1000+ Professionals

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Survival of the Fittest: Be Ruthless or Die


When it comes to survival of the midsize firm, you have two choices. You can be ruthless. Or you can die. Time is your biggest resource and the one most often abused. Because of the precarious spot in which midsize companies are wedged, inefficient use of time will kill you every time.

The Secret Test To Assure Superhero Hires For Your Finance Team


When it comes to hiring finance staff members, the traditional hiring process may not be enough to ensure you’re getting the best candidate for the job. Candidates may shine at the interviews, ace your proficiency tests and amaze with their litany of technical skills, but you won’t really know what they're all about unless you throw a real-world financial dilemma into their lap.

Goodbye Bistros and Martinis, Hello McDonald's

expensed restaurants

Expense accounts used to mean lunching at trendy bistros and dining with martinis and wine. Not anymore. Corporate workers have shifted from expensing restaurants that are high and mighty to those that are fast and cheap. The overall average cost of an expensed meal these days is around $18, with the top five expensed restaurants listed below.

Are CIOs Poised to Become Internal Venture Capitalists?

cio venturecapitalist

There's an evolution (or maybe a revolution) of sorts taking place as CIOs look to enhance the value of their already critical organizational role. In many ways, CIOs are poised to become internal “venture capitalists.” This actually makes complete sense when the functions of a typical CIO are considered.

Are Charities Managing Expenses Charitably?

charity expense management

In a recent comprehensive study conducted by the Independent Expert Group on Expenses, one out of every five charities answering survey questions posed by IEG stated that they "did not have an expense policy established.“ Response comments provided by IEG indicated that the Group considered "expense management part of basic internal controls and good governance" and further stated that "charities need to be encouraged to rectify this matter.”

When Reducing Expenses Isn’t Enough: 4 Keys to Long-Term Effectiveness

expense management

Cutting costs — and keeping them in check — is an ongoing and essential job. But, as anyone tasked with managing a budget can attest, it only goes so far. At some point, you simply need to bring in more money.

Lottery Tickets, Cosmetic Surgery and Pet Food, Oh My! How to Prevent Unauthorized (and Ridiculous) Expense Claims


Need socks, groceries and pet food? Sure, that’s fine. Feel the need to buy some new golf clubs or maybe a teepee? Hey, that’s your concern. Want to gamble on the lottery — or a cosmetic surgery procedure? It’s no big deal until you try to slip them past your employer as expense claims.

3 Facts Every CFO Should Know About Predictive Analytics

predictive analytics

Analytics platforms are essential tools in today’s organizations. Business leaders rely on them to facilitate fast, effective decision-making, while operations managers use such tools to deliver smooth execution of day-to-day processes. But it’s a mistake to think of analytics software as some kind of magic bullet.

Need Cash Now for Your Growing Business? Improve Your Cash Conversion Cycle with Better Invoice Management


When your organization is growing quickly, you need to fuel that expansion with cash. You could try to borrow the money, but a better option might be to focus on speeding up your cash conversion cycle, according to a recent article on the CNNMoney website

5 Good Mobile-Device Habits for Online Expense Reporting

mobile-expense-reporting	|	Photo Courtesy of	ThinkStock

According to a recent blog post from EPM Channel, these are two characteristics of savvy mobile device users: If you get annoyed when people pass out paper reports instead of displaying electronic versions on their tablet or laptop, that’s one clear indicator. If you prefer using a tablet for business tasks instead of being tethered to your PC, that’s another sign.

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