Bribes, Speed Money, Extortion, Expense Reporting Fraud

by Brian Deleon


Bribery and fraud are not words you want associated with your company, but avoiding them may not be as straightforward as you think. Corruption doesn’t always come barreling in like a freight train. It can slither in like a snake, striking when you least expect it and are least prepared to handle it. A recent piece in McKinsey Quarterly examines the most common types of corruption companies can face in the global marketplace along with actions they can take to keep it at bay. 

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Oops! Lack of Compliance Oversight May Have Cost San Diego Big

by Frank Davis


You know that old joke about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing? Well, no one was laughing when that very phenomenon occurred with San Diego’s municipal purchasing, according to the Times of San Diego, leaving the door open for loads of potential fraud. 

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Should Your Business Approve Luxury Hotel Expenses?

by Karen Delucia


Travel expenses can be pretty high to begin with, making the idea of luxury hotel stays for employees seem ludicrous. But that added bit of luxury can go a long way toward offsetting the bustle, headaches and hassle of corporate travel. Buying Business Travel says investing in the well-being of your regular business travelers can pay off handsomely. 

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Anything Worse Than Expense Fraud? Well, Yes

by Laura Brady


Expense fraud is bad, but it’s not the only way or even the worst way companies can get scammed. The annual Association of Certified Fraud Examiners report revealed nearly 50 percent of small businesses eventually fall prey to some type of fraud. Each instance averages $114,000, and is usually pulled off by a trusted employee. 

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Hackers Hitting Up Travel Industry

by Scott Brinkerhoff


Travel-related websites have been hit hard with data breaches over the past few months, with hackers infiltrating more than 20 sites. Two of them were United Airlines and American Airlines, TechWorld reports, and it’s not necessarily your personal information the hackers are after. These guys want your miles. 

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Integrate Corporate Cards with your Travel and Expense Solution

by Anne Becknell


I know, I know.  The thought of employees running rampant with activated plastic in their hands can sound a little scary at first.  Especially when we hear some of the real-life stories of poor decisions with corporate credit cards like lottery tickets, cosmetic surgery, and pet food

But the flip side includes benefits for both your company and your weary business travelers.  So whether your company calls them company cards, travel cards or T&E cards, consider these benefits: 

corporate cards, corporate cards for expense reports, purchasing cards for business expenses, commercial cards for business travelers

Expense Fraud Costs Companies Millions

by Alan Rich


A little padding of the corporate expense account can add up to a lot of lost cash, as evidenced by a report from Oversight Systems. The report found companies lost nearly $14 million due to fraudulent expenses filed in 2014 – and that was a loss calculated over only a 90-day period. Do the math to estimate losses from expense fraud over the entire year, and annual losses climb to more than $50 million. 

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Is E-Invoicing the Wave of Future?

by Laura Brady


Big data is already changing the ways companies engage in sales, marketing and operations. And its impact is not expected to stop there. Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng predicts big data’s next big move is into the fields of finance and procurement, with a massive shift into the world of e-invoicing. 

expense management software, cloud-based software, invoice management systems

3 IT Certainties for CFOs in 2015

by Kassandra McDougald


Whether you’re a CFO or CEO, IT is likely a foundation of your business. And whether it’s for order management or expense management infrastructure or software, you’ll need a continued focus on IT in 2015. Here are 3 certainties in the IT landscape that you will need to address with your IT department.

Big Data, CFO Best Practices, Analytics, CFO

What Did Marilyn Monroe Wear When Traveling With Her Boss?

by Karen Delucia


Not the same thing you would wear when traveling with your boss—that’s for sure! So, is there actually such a thing as etiquette when traveling with your boss— and guidelines on what to wear? Indeed! One man taking his first ever business trip found out the hard way. Here are some tips to follow that will keep you in the comfort zone and make you shine like the professional that you are when traveling with the Big Kahuna!

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