Benefits of the Chrome River Thomson Reuters Elite Partnership

by Connie Moser


Finding just the right solutions and service providers for your firm can be a harrowing task, involving extensive time, effort and willingness to trust unknown providers. Finding just the right customers for the solutions and services your own company offers can be just as time consuming and extensive.  

Chrome River

GBTA Frankfurt 2015: Technology Explosion Can Mean ‘Trial and Error’

by Jeremy Soto


With more than 65,000 travel apps and 32,000 finance apps available through major online app shops, there is no doubt technology is exploding in the finance and travel industries. There is also no doubt that use of new technologies will inevitably lead to a bit of trial and error. To truly land on technology that works, companies may need to experience a few duds until they land on a keeper. 

expense management

Must-have Travel and Expense Management Features

by Jeff Wesselman


One of the easiest ways to boost efficiency and compliance for traveling employees is with travel and expense management software. But all travel and expense management software is not created equal, nor are every company’s needs exactly the same. 

expense management software

Do You ‘Stretch the Truth’ on Expense Claims?

by Ian Le Masurier


Although nearly 33 percent of UK workers believe politicians to be the worst offenders for filing false expense claims, the majority of those workers are doing it themselves. Research reported by Personnel Today found 85 percent of UK employees fessed up to submitting at least one deceptive expense claim over the past 12 months.

expense fraud

Layover Lullaby: World’s Best Airports for Sleep

by Holly Allison


With lengthy delays, flight cancellations and layovers that can last longer than the average workday, airports may appear on the surface a prime place to sleep. Yet the goal of getting some shut-eye can be a tough one to achieve.

business travel tips

“Whaling” Fraud that’s Hitting Unsuspecting Businesses

by Greg Allworth


Savvy cyber-thieves are hitting up unsuspecting businesses by faking emails from company bosses, stealing millions of dollars along the way. The messages, which BBC News reports appear to come from a company higher-up, target the company’s finance staff. They ask staff to rush a payment through to a supplier, a transaction a chief executive can’t handle because he or she is out of the office. 

expense fraud

6 Facts that Can Help Boost Business Travel Revenue

by Frank Davis


The experience your employees have while on the road can have a huge impact on the outcome of their trips. Frazzled, fatigued and irritable travelers are not likely to be highly effective at their seminars or meetings. Eye for Travel serves up seven facts that underscore the importance of balancing business objectives with business traveler satisfaction.

business travel

FBI Warns New Chip Credit Card No Match for Cyberfraud

by Craig Weiner


The new chip credit cards that are being integrated into the American retail scene were designed to decrease fraud. But they are not foolproof enough to eliminate it entirely, especially in cyberspace. The FBI issued a warning that advises consumers to remain as vigilant with their new cards as they were using their traditional credit cards with magnetic strips. 

2 Key Factors that are Impacting International Business Travel, Overall Spend

by Connie Moser


American business travelers may be heading on more trips this year, but travel has decreased to international destinations and overall spending is down. The third-quarter GBTA BTI Outlook shed light on these and other business travel facts, revising second-quarter projections released in July. 


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