Fraud, Bribery Charges for Red Light Camera CEO

by Craig Weiner


With red-light camera contracts all over Chicago, Redflex Traffic Systems CEO Karen Finley appeared to be doing a great job growing the business. All appearances were pretty much shattered, however, when details came out on just how the business was allegedly able to grow. 

expense fraud

How to Survive a Business Trip with Your Boss

by Brian Deleon


Business travel can be stressful enough on its own, and that stress can be compounded if you happen to be on a business trip with your boss. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can plunge into vacation mode, business etiquette author Barbara Pachter warns; the things you say and do can still go down on your permanent company record. 

Are You Ready to Embrace Digital Wallets?

by Anne Becknell


Although cash and credit cards look like they’ll still be along for the ride, the digital wallet is gaining ground with business travelers. An overall 22 percent of travelers across the globe said they’d use digital wallets during their trips, according to a survey conducted by the Global Business Travel Association in conjunction with American Express. 

Chrome River is One of the Top Tech Companies in Los Angeles

by Connie Moser


Los Angeles continues to rank as one of the hottest spots for high-tech jobs, whether it’s from larger, seasoned companies or smaller startups just getting their digital feet wet. The city ranks third overall as the having the best startup ecosystem in the world, only placing behind notorious Silicon Valley and mighty New York City. The tech companies throughout LA have created nearly 28,000 jobs, helping to maintain a strong economy as well as a thriving high-tech scene. 

Chrome River

Automation vs. Excel: Automation Wins Hands Down

by Ian Le Masurier


Despite major advances in the world of accounting and expense reporting, some companies are still sticking to the traditional Excel spreadsheets – or even still using that archaic duo of pen and paper – to keep track of their finances. GetData research found that 36 percent of small businesses have yet to make the move to an accounting app. Perhaps not coincidentally, 38 percent of businesses admit to making spending mistakes on a monthly basis. 

Global Business Travel Expenses to Hit $1.25 Trillion in 2015

by Kassandra McDougald


Business travel spending is alive, well and poised to hit a record $1.25 trillion in 2015, according to the GBTA Foundation’s Global Report and Forecast. The annual report predicted strong growth across the board over the next five years, especially for China and five other emerging markets. 

Business Travel Expense Bargain: To the Moon and Back for $33.31

by Ted Stavropoulos


A 1969 trip to the moon and back is nothing like the average business trip these days, especially when it comes to cost. That’s because astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s total travel expense report for the lunar mission was $33.31 – only a shade higher than many airlines’ current fees for checking your luggage. The lunar mission’s cost and other fun facts were recently tweeted by Aldrin in honor of the 46th anniversary of the July 20th mission. 

business travel expenses

What was Eduardo Thinking?

by Stephen White


If one of your employees starts billing you for astronomical business travel expenses, it may be wise to keep Eduardo Africano in mind. This 49-year-old former Rockwell Automation employee is being accused of scamming his former employer out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to the Journal Sentinel, pocketing money he claimed he needed for business travel. 

business travel expenses

Aspirin for a Headache? Try Automating Expenses Instead.

by Serge Merkin


Automating your expense management process cannot only save tons of headaches, but it may be able to save your company more than 10 percent of its non-salary operational expenses. At least that’s what Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) Chief Executive Anthony Healy discovered reviewing his company’s formidable mid-year results. 

expense report automation

GBTA Traveler Survey: Loving High-Tech, Hating Airline Fees, Security Hassles

by Robin Hanselman


Business travelers may not be as grumpy as you may think, at least according to a first-of-its-kind Global Business Traveler Association (GBTA) survey. The GBTA Foundation teamed up with American Express to publish the Global Business Traveler Sentiment Index, designed to get feedback on how business travelers feel about their trips. The data can then be used by travel service providers to fix issues of concern in their bid to attract loyal customers by enhancing the overall experience.  


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