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Chrome River is a huge time savings for us and it's enabled us to refrain from hiring new people as we grow. Analytics reports are very helpful and we are identifying ways we can save money and where we might have been entitled to credits on corporate credit cards. 

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Our expense manager is thrilled with the [expense reporting] capabilities of the [Chrome River] analytics reports. 

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What Did Marilyn Monroe Wear When Traveling With Her Boss?

marylin monroe

Not the same thing you would wear when traveling with your boss—that’s for sure! So, is there actually such a thing as etiquette when traveling with your boss— and guidelines on what to wear? Indeed! One man taking his first ever business trip found out the hard way. Here are some tips to follow that will keep you in the comfort zone and make you shine like the professional that you are when traveling with the Big Kahuna!

What Do Victoria’s Secret, Big Data and Predictive Analytics Have in Common

big data analytics

2014 was the year that talk of Big Data seemed to be everywhere.  From office water coolers to dinner parties, conversation included talk of data, predictive analytics, and the cloud.

The Next Big Thing in Corporate Travel Expense Management – Virtual Card Accounts

virtual card accounts expense managementent

Implementing virtual card accounts in your corporate travel process can offer better travel data collection, prevent fraud, and improve your existing expense management processes. In the world of corporate travel and expense management, it’s the next big thing.

Expense and Invoice Management Ethics 101

expense ethics

There are plenty of news items about corporate fraud involving supplier kickbacks and dishonest expense report schemes.  Most of the examples are concerning because of the depravity, but some are rather funny. 

How One Employee got Marijuana Expenses Approved and Paid

medical marijuana

Pot, weed, mary jane, cannabis, edibles – or as they call it today – “medical marijuana,” doesn’t seem like a likely item to turn into your boss on a expense report, does it? But, that’s exactly what a TV reporter from KPIX, a San Francisco CBS affiliate, did when he submitted $600 worth of expenses for all kinds of “high-quality medical marijuana.” Interesting expenses, right? If you were the reporter’s boss, would you approve these expenses? Well, turns out, the expenses were actually legitimate.

18 Days and $36 for an Expense Report? That’s Cray Cray!

cray cray expense report

We tend to assume that technology will help speed up whatever we’re doing, right? We can share photos with our families and friends in seconds rather than days, shift money from one account to another without stepping inside a bank, and so on. But sometimes the reverse is true of technology—think of how painful it can be to navigate through a complicated voicemail system.

Is there a Large Enterprise Exodus to the Cloud?

Enterprise Exodus

A new report this week indicates that over half (53%) of large enterprises are either already moving Big Data within their organization to the public cloud or are considering a move to the cloud for analytical processing. Further, only 13% of enterprises say they would only use private data centers for processing all analytics. Clearly, there is a concerted push to the shared public cloud.

CFOs Should Hire Givers Not Takers

CFO Giver

It’s natural for most of us to want to do things better. We want to be better managers, better co-workers, better employees and, in general, better people. Unfortunately, it’s also just as easy for us to get lost in the hassle of daily life and simply waste time. As any executive knows - time is money. The less your department or team procrastinates, the more productive your organization will be and the more it will benefit. Whether it’s making sure each employee enters data accurately into your expense management software or delivers the weekly report your client needs - here are some surefire ways to curb procrastination and increase efficiency. 

6 Keys To Measuring Your Predictive Analytics Efforts

measure predictive analytics

With the convergence of Big Data, the Internet of Things and the quest for analytics from different departments, CIOs are being forced into the additional role of coordinating the various data experiments occurring at any given time in an organization. 

Upper Management Accounts for Almost 30% of Reimbursement Fraud Cases


A 2014 study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that upper management accounts for close to 30% of reimbursement fraud cases. It doesn’t take a Harvard MBA to know that behaviors (good or bad) that are exhibited by top managers will eventually be modeled by employees. Couple poor behaviors by executives with lax expense reporting procedures and you have a recipe for systemic expense fraud in your organization. Whether you’re currently dealing with this situation or seeking preventative expense controls, you can take steps now that will help crush expense report fraud in 2015.

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