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Chrome River is a huge time savings for us and it's enabled us to refrain from hiring new people as we grow. Analytics reports are very helpful and we are identifying ways we can save money and where we might have been entitled to credits on corporate credit cards. 

AP Manager, 2000 Professionals

Our expense manager is thrilled with the [expense reporting] capabilities of the [Chrome River] analytics reports. 

Accounts Payable Manager 1000+ Professionals

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5 Easy Steps To Take Your Office Nearly Paperless


In our current digital age, you might think going paperless is all the rage. However, paper still seems to be cluttering a good number of workspaces. Regardless of where your company is on the paperless continuum, going paperless can make your office more efficient, isn’t that difficult, and does not cost absurd amounts of money. It can also offer your business good PR and good ROI. Here are five tips to help get you thinking and acting in a paperless mindset.

Executive Survey - T&E Expenses near Top of ‘Hard to Control’ Costs

T&E Expenses

Earlier this year, Forrester Research surveyed 348 financial decision-makers around the globe regarding corporate expenses. Almost a quarter of executives tallied indicated that Travel & Entertainment (T&E) expenses were one of the top three most challenging operating expenses to control - second only to maintenance expenses.

Big Data: Don’t Be a Hoarder


The buzzword floating around companies and their IT departments today is Big Data. The predominant thinking is that there is value in ‘data’ and companies should store as much data as possible. Accordingly, many firms now save almost all their data for data mining purposes. Frankly, this approach is at the least unnecessary and at the most overkill.

Predictive Analytics: Is The ROI As Impressive As It Seems?

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics, or the sifting through of company data in order to highlight important patterns to make predictions and better decisions, is currently a hot topic in the business world. Advocates believe this approach holds great potential especially with a recent report from Nucleus Research suggesting that predictive analytics helped Mueller Inc. obtain a 248 percent ROI on new packaging equipment after investing in and using IBM's SPSS Modeler technology.

3 Necessary Steps to Maintain Data Security

Data Security

Massive data breaches affecting global companies like Sony, Neiman-Marcus and Target have solidified the unsettling fact that even huge mega companies cannot always prevent compromises in customer and company data.

5 Must-Know Tips to Prevent Corporate T&E Fraud


With employee travel and entertainment (T&E) spending accounting for up to 6% of total corporate costs and continuing to increase, it's wise for companies to monitor T&E spending. Lack of careful T&E oversight can open the door to fraud, policy violations and corporate waste. Consider the below tips to keep your corporate T&E spending in check. 

Are CFOs Thinking About their Jobs and Careers the Right Way?

Chrome RiverCFO

Too often, CFOs spend so much time focusing on the daily requirements of their specific employment activities that they lose sight of their long-term career goals. Although they definitely need to devote time and energy to their current employer, they also need to invest in their own personal future career. They do not want to be caught suddenly looking for another job when they have not prepared for that eventuality.

Big Data: Six Trends to Be Aware of in 2014

big data

Our world is producing data at an unprecedented rate. More impressive than the simple generation of data is the fact that the data can be stored, accessed, manipulated, analyzed, and applied. With this proliferation of big data comes the ability to use it; any business that fails to take advantage of the plethora of available data is setting itself up to lose out on valuable insights.

Run Like The Wind, California Chrome!!


Our best wishes go out to California Chrome this weekend in the Belmont Stakes. The possibility of a Triple Crown win has captivated the hearts of all the Chrome River employees and we wanted to share our excitement with you. 

Dear CFO - Are You Getting Quality Data When You Need It?

CFO Data

Carrying out an impeccable job as CFO is crucial to the well-being of your company. As CFO, your main duties include managing risk and analyzing your company’s finances. Your analyses and recommendations guide the company, and inappropriate suggestions based on analysis of inaccurate or delayed data can be disastrous for your company, and could lead to taking on undue risk or making poor budgeting decisions. Timely and correct data are essential for your job, but you may need to take some steps to ensure that you get the data you need whether you are analyzing the numbers from within your division or from a different or remote department or partner company.

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