How Prepaid Cards Can Help the Bottom Line

by Nick Ludlow


Technology has swooped in to dramatically reduce the time and cost of travel and entertainment expense management. For instance, using an automated expense reporting solution over a manual one can bring the expense report processing cost down from about $72 to about $25. But that still leaves a number of other costs that don’t necessarily have a straightforward technical solution. 

Transport Survey Feedback: Higher Risk of Injury with Rideshare Services

by Mandy Neske


Business travelers have a higher risk of being injured on the ground than in the air – if they opt for one of the emerging rideshare companies that are now peppering the corporate travel market. That ominous observation came from a BusinessTravelNews article quoting Scott Solombrino, CEO of BostonCoach and Dav El. 

How Has the IRS Travel Expense Schedule Changed?

by Laura Brady


The IRS updates its travel expense reimbursement schedule every year, and the latest updates were released Sept. 16. The updates cover employee travel expenses incurred on or after Oct. 1, 2015, and remain in effect until the following Oct. 1. The IRS notice outlined rates for transportation industry employees, incidental-only expenses, and revised figures for those using the high/low reimbursement method.  

Do Taxpayers Support a Big Chunk of the Airline Industry?

by Karen DeLucia


You know the price of an airline ticket includes taxes, but did you also know even Americans who never fly are supporting US carriers through their tax dollars at work? Licensed aircraft dispatcher and USA Today contributor Bill McGee pointed this out in a recent column, making some intriguing points along the way. 

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Believe It or Not – You Can Sleep on a Plane

by Jim Whitmore


The best intentions are often foiled by reality, and one of the best intentions many business travelers have is grabbing some sleep on the plane. The reality of cramped seats, chatty passengers and being fully clothed and uncomfortably upright can certainly work against you, but sleep is a possibility with a few tricks from Gizmodo

How to Catch and Prevent Payables Fraud

by Frank Davis


Your accounts payable department has a hefty lineup of duties, and one of the most important is keeping out an eye for fraud. Payables fraud can come in various forms, hit companies of any size and stem from both internal and external sources. Closely monitoring several areas can help catch and prevent the most common fraud types. 

5 Tips for Incorporating Technologies into Business Travel Management

by Dave Terry


New technologies are constantly popping up on the business travel management scene, giving travel managers new opportunities to ensure corporate travelers are safe, satisfied, productive and sticking to policy and cost controls. Tips from Business Travel News outline how. 

Fraud, Bribery Charges for Red Light Camera CEO

by Craig Weiner


With red-light camera contracts all over Chicago, Redflex Traffic Systems CEO Karen Finley appeared to be doing a great job growing the business. All appearances were pretty much shattered, however, when details came out on just how the business was allegedly able to grow. 

expense fraud

How to Survive a Business Trip with Your Boss

by Brian Deleon


Business travel can be stressful enough on its own, and that stress can be compounded if you happen to be on a business trip with your boss. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can plunge into vacation mode, business etiquette author Barbara Pachter warns; the things you say and do can still go down on your permanent company record. 

Are You Ready to Embrace Digital Wallets?

by Anne Becknell


Although cash and credit cards look like they’ll still be along for the ride, the digital wallet is gaining ground with business travelers. An overall 22 percent of travelers across the globe said they’d use digital wallets during their trips, according to a survey conducted by the Global Business Travel Association in conjunction with American Express. 


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