New Computer Chip Credit Cards Prevent Fraud but Create Burden for Businesses

by Ali Mast


Credit card companies and consumers may view the new computer chip cards as a massive defense against fraud. But many small businesses are viewing them as a massive nightmare. 

US Airports Vying to be Healthiest in the Land

by Kassandra McDougald


Sitting around waiting for your flight is no longer your only option as the fitness craze sweeps through American airports. While US airports are leading the pack when it comes to access to health clubs, spa services and yoga studios, European airports are swiftly catching up. 

Air Travel Lingo Decoded

by Frank Davis


While business travelers may be up on all the latest jargon in their industry, some of the language pertaining to travel can leave even the savviest business person confused. Airline travel expert Rick Seany clears up the confusion by providing translations for a number of phrases you may hear when you fly.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend CASCADE 2015

by Connie Moser


With many different conferences going on each year, we all have to be very selective in choosing the best ones to attend. Many bosses require justification for attendance and want you to provide reasons why they should approve the costs. And, they should. Be prepared before you ask your boss to approve your attendance. Here are the "Top 10 Reasons to Attend CASCADE 2015" at the Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, CA, October 27 and 28. 

CASCADE 2015, Chrome River CASCADE 2015, Chrome River Conference 2015

Who Took the Fun Out of Flying? 5 Tips for Keeping Your Cool

by Craig Weiner


Even if you’re the coolest, calmest person when you’re on the ground, air travel has a way of making people enraged. Perhaps it’s the lack of legroom, the screaming children or the fellow passenger with really bad breath that won’t stop talking about his Velcro allergy. 

You can’t very well hop off the plane in mid-flight, but you can try one or more calming strategies recommended by Fodor’s Travel editor-in-chief Arabella Bowen

corporate travel

Don't Miss our VANTAGE 2015 AP Automation Speaking Session!

by Connie Moser


Chrome River is excited to attend VANTAGE 2015 again this year. We have several opportunities to get together with you. Many of you already use Chrome River EXPENSE. We invite you to join our "APAutomation" speaking session on Thursday, June 18 from 2:15 - 3:15 to learn more about Chrome River INVOICE. Also, stop by booth #13 in the Exhibit Hall to say hi! 

Accounts Payable, Automating Accounts Payable, Automating AP, invoice automation

Fraud Accusations Hit 30 Senators

by Robin Hanselman


More than two dozen Canadian senators may have been caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, according to CTV News, with spending habits that raised red flags for Auditor General Michael Ferguson. Rather than simply accept their fate, however, the senators may dispute the accusations through Canada’s new arbitration process. 

expense fraud, fraud

New Bar Code Combats Return Fraud, Other Benefits

by Nick Ludlow


Return fraud and other unscrupulous practices may be a thing of the past if retailers follow the lead of Alibaba. The Chinese e-commerce company is leading the pack by using a modified version of a QR code on individual items, which serves as a kind of non-wireless version of an item-level radio-frequency identification (RFID). 


What Makes Travelers Rate their Business Trips as Successful?

by Mandy Neske


Unless you’ve heard an earful of complaints or undying praise from your business travelers, it may be tough to gauge how they really feel about their business trips. Carlson Wagonlit Travel answers that question with a massive survey of 10,000 business folks who travel on a regular basis. 

business travel tips

P2P Automation: New Opportunities for SMEs

by Stephanie Dula


A number of factors have contributed to a positive outlook for small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) growth, both in the US and internationally. A recovering economy, improved credit availability, increasing internet speeds, the affordability of cloud technology and the resulting accessibility of financial process automation have all played a part in creating an exciting new chapter for growing businesses.  SMEs are finding new doors open to them in terms of technological advancements that were once considered the exclusive domain of big corporate players. 

P2P Automation


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